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He had been working practically non-stop on this proposal for over six months and his toils had paid off.

He would now be able to afford to move out of the one-bedroom flat he shared with his girlfriend, Tara, and buy the large split-level ranch they had been eying for months.

Erik heard Tara walk toward the bed and sit down in the chair next to him. The CEO even called me and told me to make sure you don't rush back to work too soon.

She put her hand on his and slowly massaged his fingers. Erik turned his head to her, opened his eyes and said, "Hiya, beautiful! They're going to give you full pay while your recuperating and the promotion will still be there when you get back.

Erik heard the beeping of the heart monitor and felt the sticky patches on his chest that sent his vital signs to the machine.

There was an oxygen tube resting on his upper lip that fed the gas to his nostrils.

He was driving home from work and his cell phone rang.

She had shoulder length chestnut brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I asked her not to say anything to you so I could surprise you.Erik couldn't wait until he got home to let Tara know the good news. The last thing he remembered was reaching for his phone on the passenger seat.After that, everything was like being submerged in an ocean of black ink.Erik was relieved that he had been unconscious for that procedure. All in all, you're pretty banged up, but with a little physical therapy, I believe you'll make a full recovery.He turned his aching head to the right and saw a wheeled stand with a red call button on it. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the person that hit you.

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